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The Persistent Peddler
A Crowded Bazaar
Blinding glare of Light!
Blaring wave of Noise!
The streets are Alive;
All manner of Wares,
Bargains to be had,
Each Hunting a Prize.
So many Choices,
No one thinks to look
Beyond the Surface,
Out on the fringes.
no interest today.
same as yesterday,
same as tomorrow.
meager offerings;
the prices are wrong,
the selection poor.
yet strive regardless,
Someone yet may come.
Blazing sun's last light,
soft moon heralds night,
someone yet may come.
:iconpevlarus-in-exile:Pevlarus-in-Exile 0 1
My 1st Derpy Hooves Meme :iconpevlarus-in-exile:Pevlarus-in-Exile 13 5
Mature content
MLP: Rap Battle 1 :iconpevlarus-in-exile:Pevlarus-in-Exile 3 6
Mature content
Saw crossover prototype :iconpevlarus-in-exile:Pevlarus-in-Exile 0 1
All They Ever See :iconpevlarus-in-exile:Pevlarus-in-Exile 0 0
Desires of Grandeur
Long hair, maybe short
Defined muscles
Callouses, soft skin
Flawless balance
Keen vision
Situational awareness
Empathy and understanding
I run without falling
I jump without failing
I never miss a shot
Never miscalculate
Mastered them all
Anything's deadly in my hands
Even unarmed I am dangerous
Tactics and strategy
You cannot defeat me
I don't have to draw a weapon
Just speaking humiliates you
I twist what you say
Change what you think
Become what you want
And then I wake up
No power
No strength
No prowess or knowledge
Unseen, unwanted, undesired
The mirror shows me these truths
Unvarnished and unadorned
Yet when I sleep, when I dream
My heart reveals my foolish wishes
:iconpevlarus-in-exile:Pevlarus-in-Exile 1 5
But What Does He Plan?
He chose his victim carefully, pondering over the criteria slowly and methodically.
The first was gender, and immediately he knew 'it' had become 'her'. But what was she going to be like? He knew he had his own preferences, but this wasn't going to be for dinner or a movie, and so some things would not necessarily apply here.
Both hair and eye color fell under that category, he decided after a long cold shower, though they would need to be a pleasing combination in order to qualify her for selection.
The same went for ethnicity; a person was a person, after all, and should be equally missed, no matter what the outer shell appeared to be to the typical observer.
So, she could look like just about anyone, yet there were differences, details which would be key to unlocking her and her potential. He let these considerations twist and flow in his mind as he shaved, dried off, and dressed in his working clothes. All was laid out precisely as he wanted it, from the razor next to the sink to t
:iconpevlarus-in-exile:Pevlarus-in-Exile 2 0
Cinderella Dream
The princess comes down her stairs
Flowers in her wake, her dress trails
On the floor behind her.
She lifts her eyes to view the crowds
Raises a hand, polite greeting
But no cheering comes, no sound of thrill
Instead they mock, scorn her to tears
She turns in flight and flees
She reaches her room, finds the mirror
Looks in fear and desperation
Her dress is no longer regal and royal
Tatters cling
Shreds, barely hiding scarred skin
Calloused and dirty
Hair in a tangle,
Sooty and smelly
She cries out in terror
Becomes a sobbing heap of rags
Looks up
Her mansion is gone
She lies in straw, her cold bed
Her dream shattered
She curls as a wilted flower
And cries back to blissful sleep
:iconpevlarus-in-exile:Pevlarus-in-Exile 2 0
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel
Soaring up toward the sky
Tattered wings and
A tortured look in her eyes
Who is this angel
And why is she so far from home?
If she needs to heal
Then why was she left alone?
I walked through the city
Not seeing those around me
When a strange form caught my sight
A young woman, with skin both pale and tight
Her deep, dark eyes hinted at a hidden hell
Her breath whispered secrets she couldn't tell
Without knowing why, I brought her inside
Fallen Angel
Plummeting down through the sky
Tortured wings and
A frightened look in her eyes
Who is this angel
And why is she so far from home?
If she needs to heal
Then why was she left alone?
She seemed barely a woman, yet not quite a child
With a soft-spoken voice, and a temper quite mild
I gave her shelter, warmth, comfort and rest
And as she drifted to sleep, no longer a mess
She whispered "thank you" and then was asleep
I found it easy that night to pleasant dreams keep
For they were guarded by the angel at my side
Fallen A
:iconpevlarus-in-exile:Pevlarus-in-Exile 1 3

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United States
Current Residence: This side of sanity
Favourite genre of music: Depends on what I'm writing
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
MP3 player of choice: Sandisk
Personal Quote: Words are brushes with which to paint the thoughts in our mind; choose your brushes wisely, and a masterpiece shall spring forth.
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Drinking: Water
Okay, so several weeks ago, the hard drive on my laptop decided to suffer a hardware failure; basically, it won't start up, and as such I can't get to the files on it.
Most of my files were saved to an external drive (thankfully), but there were a decent number that had not yet been backed up.
Because the laptop is still dead, I am left using my account on the family desktop, which isn't available nearly as much.
Thus, my project of organizing and filling up my favourites folders is on hold until I get my laptop up and running again.

As a side-note, data recovery from hard drives seems to run in the $600 - $1600 range (U.S. dollars). *choke*


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